Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wedding Planning

Well, I haven't been updating this as much as I should. Lots to fill you in on! On Valentine's Day, Steve asked me to marry him! It wasn't all romantic at all, it was a typical Steve way to go about it, but it was wonderful!!! I'm so happy! We're getting married on November 14 of this year in St. John. I get my dream wedding - barefoot on the beach. We've got just about everything planned and set up. We have Anne Marie Porter marry us on Cinnamon Beach at sunset. Then we're heading over to The Fish Trap for dinner afterwards. I think we're up to about 15 people that will be at the actual ceremony on the beach. My dress is in, Steve has his outfit, my sister's dresses are in - everything seems to be taken care of. We're having a big party at The Beethoven Waldheim when we get back. That should be a blast! Can't wait!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Decision Making

Sometimes I wonder why its so hard for me to make a decision. I tend to over think things all the time. I could take weeks to make a decision, but once I make the decision, I want things to move along FAST.

I made a big life changing decision about 7 months ago. I'm down to two weeks before the event I decided on takes place, and I am second guessing my decision at least once every hour. It gets my stomach in knots and then I actually get physically sick.

I wonder, is is a lack of confidence in myself, is it not being able to predict the future, or is it back to my old bad habit, control. Yes, I'm a control freak! I admit it fully! I wonder where I ever learned this bad habit? Anyone who knows me is aware of this flaw that I somehow developed as a child.

I'm guessing decisions are hard for a lot of people to make. In two weeks you all will know what decision I ended up going with!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Heat Wave

Well, they're saying its supposed to be 97 tomorrow, and we've got a picnic to go to. I'm not looking forward to that. I find that as I get older, I'm starting to mind the heat more and more. I actually just got finished putting the air conditioner in the downstairs window. Some days I wish we'd just move already so I can have central air.

This is the time of year when I start going to the movies more often. Where else can you go and sit for 2 hours in air conditioning with no one bothering you? The price has gone up though - I love those Saturday matinees!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Does This Stuff Happen To Me?

So a month or so ago I had my vehicle broken into and $300 worth of stuff taken from it. I've replaced my GPS unit that was taken (but not my wireless tuner for my iPod). I think I'm over my anger of being violated and of the scumbags who think its okay to steal to make a living while I'm working to make an honest living, and now this:

This past Friday night on my way to meet my sister, Stef, and her boyfriend, Jake, for dinner I stop off at the ATM machine at the gas station on the corner. I grab my money and go to leave and pull up behind a truck towing a boat at the exit to the station. I'm sitting in the car talking to Steve, when I notice the boat's propeller is coming towards me. I laid on the horn and the boat stopped. I went on talking, and the boat starts moving again. The jerk backed right into the front of my car. Then I got out of the car yelling and screaming at him, and he takes off out of the parking lot. I check out the front of my car and notice my front license plate is missing. I watch the boat driving down the road and notice that my license plate is attached somehow to the back of the boat!!!

Steve tells me to follow them, but I like an idiot dial 911 instead. I now wait 22 minutes for a policeman to show up. He doesn't seem concerned, he even gives a little chuckle when I tell him that the John Deere license plate from the front of my car that the guy took with him was pink. He wouldn't even go in and request the video from the gas station to get the guys plate numbers!

If you're driving down the street and see a boat with an Illinois tag and a pink John Deere plate stuck to the boat, its mine! Stop the driver and get my plate back!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Starting a Blog

Well, this will be a new experience for me. I'm starting a blog! I'm hoping I'll have enough to talk about to actually keep it current and interesting. I got the idea from a couple who went on a long vacation in their RV and used the blog to keep family and friends updated on what they were doing and what they were seeing. Since I'm hoping to get the camper out more often this year, I'm hoping I'll be able to do the same. One day when work allows it, I'd like to take the camper cross country and stop off and visit all the places I've always wanted to go but never got to! Guess that's it for now. The next camping trip isn't until Memorial Day Weekend!